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    About Cristiana

    I am originally from Italy and have lived in magical New Zealand since 2002 when I came here to follow my love of sailing and the sea.

    Starting at a young age I developed an interest in natural herbs and natural healing modalities including a balanced diet to maintain a healthy body. However, as an engineer interested in physical sciences, I still felt there was something else that was necessary for complete health and wellbeing. When outside circumstances led me to start an incredible journey of self-discovery, I began reading books and attending a variety of courses in neuroscience and energy psychology.

    The material and the experiences provided the answers I was looking for on how to maintain a healthy mind as well as body. I met fantastic people who helped me understand the immense power each of us has within ourselves. They taught me how we can direct that power to achieve our dreams.

    It all began to fall into place. The daily techniques I practice helped me to achieve the future I wanted, and I had also found my true calling. 


    My journey inspired me to start InPower.


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